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Oh, well, what the hell… November 25, 2008

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So I have decided to completely nerd out and set myself up with a blog.

I’m thinking it has something to do with the ridiculous downtime I have in between calls at work right now. Or maybe it’s some weird “nesting thing” with the last 2 months of my pregnancy.

Or maybe I’m just a nerd. The world may never know for sure.

Either way, I’m here now, and here I shall remain forever – or until my attention span goes down the pooper.


My favorite man in the world.

My favorite man in the world.

I’m me. 25 years old, living in godforsaken Nebraska. I’m married to my loveable, attention-span-deficient, musical genius, completely insane 25-year-old toddler named Mikey – best friend in the extreme. And, as I vaguely mentioned earlier, we’re expecting our first little bundle of poo – hopefully arriving around January 23rd (and not a day later, or I may lose my mind)

The rumbly-in-my-tumbly is a girl, to be named Avienda Christine – or Avi for short, as no one can seem to pronounce this name. Although it’s said EXACTLY as it is written (Ah-vee-EN-duh ->”Huked onn fonix wurked fer mee” and all that). She’s a metal drummer in training, as evidenced by the severe bruising up in my rib cage. And I swear, this is exactly why I swore I would never have children. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond excited for her arrival, but godDAMN if pregnancy doesn’t suck a big, fat one. Often. And for little or no monetary gain.

But I digress.

I’m currently working for the evil government under the guise of “Medicare”. Luckily, however, I’m the person who gets to tell the hospitals where to shove it when they ask for too much money, or want to know why they aren’t being paid (“Well, if you want your claim to pay, I advise you list the days you are billing for under ‘covered’, meinen Freunden.”)  But basically, I get to spend my entire day working with people who gets pissed when I tell them they’re retarded. I’m not sure why..

Okay. It’s not really all that bad. Some people are really nice, especially when the answer you have for them is really simple. “Add this, and resubmit”. Perfecto! It’s just very, very tedious sometimes to have my pregnant ass stuck in a chair for 8 hours, listening to people whine about only getting $1.1 of the $2 million dollars they have billed on a claim. Oh gee, sorry for your loss? Wanna pass some of that greedy physician and hospital money MY way? Maybe so I can pay off my greedy physician and hospital bills? No? Then take your attitude elsewhere, Jorje. I don’t want to hear it.



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