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Turkey Day, Baby Love November 26, 2008

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With one day till the Great Turkey Kill-All-Then-Pass-Out-On-Tryptophan celebration, I should be thinking of baking, and cooking, and eating. And eating. And snacking. And sleeping.

And instead I am the Epicenter of in-law family drama…

Plans for the holiday are as follows: dinner at Grandma (in-law) Shirley’s house where I plan to gain every single one of my ‘required’ pregnancy pounds, retire to Sister-in-law-Erica’s house for a semi-relaxing night of family time, and spending Black Friday cooking and watching my 9-month-old nephew Jonathan.

Mikey and the Gushy-Baby (Jonathan Jackson)

Mikey and the Gushy-Baby (Jonathan Jackson)

No biggie, correct?


I receive a call last night from Mikey’s cousin Megan. Not at all surprising – I like her. She’s is allowed the privilege of calling my phone and actually having me answer (provided, of course, that I can hear the damn thing – but that’s a rant for another day). She wanted to know if I would also be able to watch her daughter, Bianca, who is about 2 years old – as I’ll already be staying at Erica’s watching baby Gushy. Voila’, and behold! Insta-Sitter!!

Eh. No biggie. I have no problem with this. Albeit, I have absolutely NO experience with taking care of small children, but I do not entirely fear their presence. Just mildly. In my nightmares.

So Miss Megan hangs up to take a call from her Dad. And then I get a call from Erica.

Oooooookay. I tell her “no big deal, I’m cool with watching multiple munchkins. They put outside locks on doors for a reason, right?”

This baby-sitting situation, apparently, is not so cool.

She is worried because both of the babies are ‘only-babies’. No siblings, kinda spoiled (though not terribly, or I’d say ‘there’s a dumpster out back. I’ll hold the lid down’ and go about my business), requiring quite a decent amount of direct attention. And I’m 32 weeks Pregnant, and would be completely by myself.

Oooohhhhh yeah. Forgot about that one.

So Erica is worried about me being alone taking care of the 2 little demon-babies, fearing my toppling over and squishing them. Well, no, not quite that. But understandably concerned about the difficulties of performing this task.

I understand both points of view. I’ve never had the task set before me of being big as a freakin’ beluga who is unable to bend down to tie her shoes, and proceeding to run after children all day, and certainly not without having someone within yelling distance to save my ass when the little buggers have me hog-tied and stuffed in a laundry basket. But I AM bigger than they are, and even Gulliver in his travels was able to escape that one.

So I tell his sister to just let me know what the plan is: I am kosher-like-a-pickle for either scenario.

Which proceeds to start an argument between Megan and Erica. With my preggo ass in the middle, and unable to waddle to safety.


I’m hoping for quick-like-a-bunny resolution to this, but I have a feeling I’ll be in Discomfited-Baby-Sitter-Land for the entirety of Friday.

<<insert Awkward-a-Pus hand movement here>>



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