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Gobble, gobble. Oink, oink. December 1, 2008

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Yay for the National Eating-For-Two Day! Being 7-months pregnant at Turkey time this year has put the whole holiday into perspective. As in “This Is Why I Am Here”. And to think my doctor was so worried when I lost 3 lbs. at my last appointment. Re-gained in full, my friend! I can guarantee it.

This was also my first year not attending Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle Bill and Aunt Barb’s. Although Aunt Barb passed away a few months ago, the tradition was kept up. But as Mikey and I are still lacking in the automotive department, we were unable to attend. So that was just… strange. Unpleasant, only in that I didn’t get to see my side of the family.

Upside being that instead we had 2 dinners (oh, joy of joys!) between Mikey’s family.

First stop was on Thursday at Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Lester’s. I love his Grandma Shirley! Maybe it’s because she reminds me so much of my Aunt Barb. While the boys played XBox (Michael has a severe addiction to NCAA 09 Football), I went through tons of her old pictures! I managed to find an entire album of Mikey’s first few years – soooooooooo damn cute! I could hardly believe how BLONDE he was.. So Gramma Shirley let me steal a few to take home (Scrapbooking adventure come baby-time? Oh yes, I think so) So Thursday was remarkably low-key over there, I watched some football with Grandpa Lester too – although why I paid attention to the Lions game, I will never know. They never cease to depress me…

And from there we proceeded to Erica and Eric’s, for a family slumber party, to be follwed by retardly early morning shopping excursions. Although the most entertaining part of the night, by far, was when my mother-in-law (Joanna) started drunk-dialing all of her kids, asking if they were going to put her in a nursing home.. Keeping in mind, she’s like, 43 or something. Definitely not on the decline.. just wasted on fruity drinks and wine – CLASSIC! I thought it was hilarious, although that would probably be due to the fact that I was beautifully exempt from said phone calls, and was able to merely watch everyone else take up their phones “No, Mom. You won’t be stuck in a home. No, really, I promise… No, Mom, really, I don’t want to talk to Espi, Mom, no… Hi, Espi. HI ESPI! No, we’re not going to put Mom in a home. Really…” etc. etc. Oh, it was a grand ole’ time!!

Follow this up with some misadventures in Mikey and I attempting to locate a laptop for me – Alas, we woke faaaaaaar too late to rock the doorbusters of Black Friday (Since WHEN is 7 AM too late, I ask you?!). Luckily, GameStop had some awesome deals, so we nerded out on some video games for ourselves. Needless to say, I have one very happy DS right now.

Follow all this up with some more dinner, Grandma Gouki making fun of the fact that I can’t see my feet anymore, drop off at Johnny Killall’s, collect drunk people, and head back home. Where I proceed to make fun of said drunk people, and then go to bed early.

Now, by this point, I keep thinking my weekend is over. Oh no, two more days. So we just had two of the laziest days in the history of creation for our Saturday and Sunday – I figure, what the hell, we only have about 8 weeks left while we can still do this, I’m going to enjoy it, goddamnit!. We slept all day, ordered Chinese food, played video games, watched a movie. Rinse and repeat for Sunday.

And so, I say The World is Good. All’s well that ends well. Si finis bonus est, totum bonum erit.





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