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T-Minus 49 Days. December 4, 2008

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7 weeks to go!! And boy-oh-boy, is this little demon-baby letting me know it!

She’s already head down, but definitley has not dropped yet – I currently resemble someone trying to shoplift a basketball. So her butt is spending a lot of time making friends with my rib cage.

And WOW is she a squirmer!! She doesn’t spend a whole lot of time kicking, just squirming around, wiggling her little booty, trying to get comfortable in her increasingly small studio apartment. She’s so wiggly, I already know she’s going to be a mini-version of her daddy… which is going to be adorable, albeit a handful. And then some.

I am in dire need of purchasing baby items. Only problem being that Joanna has told me not to buy anything until after my baby shower. For which a date has not even been set yet. She’s just been making her presence so well known lately that I want to start getting prepared. As absolute necessities for bringing Avi home, I am needing: Pack-n-Play, car seat, diapers, bottles, and baby-bath-care thingies. Not too much, but with my luck, I’ll end up with everything BUT those at my shower, with no money to purchase them in time. Maybe I’m just getting antsy.

I simply have a horrible fear that she’ll come early (hurray!) but that we won’t have anything ready for her (boo!). Scary concept. We can’t even take her home from the hospital without a carseat. So, you know, it’s kind of a big deal. Just a little bit.

Ehhh, maybe it’s just that I want to go shopping. At least for a few things. Target is calling my name, and I have a damn good portion of my next paycheck already burning a hole in my fat-pants pockets..



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