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Flakey McFlakenstein. December 10, 2008

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Wow. Just… wow.

So I made plans with one of my friends to go shopping tonight. Made these plans on Monday. Verified yesterday, and again today at about 11:45 am.

At 12:30, she asks to reschedule. She forgot that she “has” to meet a guy. A married guy. A guy who is married and lied to her about it, while trying to get in her pants. Successfully.

I wouldn’t be upset normally as she is notoriously flakey when it comes to “gettin’ some”. But I don’t know if it’s hormones, or one flake-out too many, or the fact that I need to buy my step-daughter a gift – a gift that will already be 5 days past her actually birthday as is.

I mean, really. How many times a week do you already let this guy take advantage of you? And why.. because he has money? And the last guy you dated (who, eerily enough, has the same first name – less confusing, maybe?) always relied on you for money? So what?!

This guy is a dirtbag. DIRT. BAG. And he’s not even the one with money – his parents are the ones who are rich. He works for UNIFORM COMPANY. And when you guys go out, he tells you that you don’t look good enough, and tries to tell you ways to change.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? Have you lost your ONLY MIND?!

Why are you subjecting yourself to being treated like that? Because you’re afraid to be alone? That is no reason to subject yourself to someone that talks to you like that, no matter what other “sweet” or “nice” things he may be saying while trying to get in your pants.

Even MIKEY (who has the lowest opinion of women of any man I know – but it’s okay because I am a man-with-boobs) thinks you deserve better. Even he gets pissed off that you are letting someone treat you like this.


It’s just so aggravating to watch someone allow themselves to be treated like shit in order to get laid so they don’t have to go a whole, oh, day and a half without it.

I just need friends who have at least half an ounce of self-respect.

And my own car.



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