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Averted crisis? Check. December 12, 2008

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Do not worry about my shopping needs, my friends.

Although it took me 2 days to accomplish my shopping list (and I am STILL missing the battery for my camera – you know, the one that doesn’t suck), I have the main essentials taken care of. And all on time! Even though A) Isabella got her booster shots on Wednesday, and thus slept all night, so we have not seen her yet –


Passed out and drooling, but still so cute..

and B) there has been no show to speak of yet, so my new boots are only made for walkin’ on dry ground. For now, my friends. Only for now.



My new favorite purchase, however, would have to be my new shower-head. No, you pervs, and not for that reason either. You see, the “shower head” we had previously in our apartment was more or less a hole coming out of the wall. It had this ridiculously rough spray by the “nozzle” that turned into a fine mist 2 feet past it’s opening. No more, I say! This horrible cleansing experience must CEASE AND DESIST!!

So during my Target excursion I picked up this wonderful shower-head – removable (good for baby washing), and 5 speeds – including the increasingly necessary massage setting. My back thanks me daily now for this purchase. And good news for Mikey: I won’t be asking him for back massages every 20 minutes now! Just once an hour, on the hour. It’s such a wonderful thing, that it makes me want to sing. Or burst into spontaneous rhyme, apparently.

In Super Fat news, This is me at 34 Weeks!


I'm sorry I ate the whole basketball. I was just SO hungry!

My nesting instinct is taking over.

I even cleaned my desk at work. So instead of piles and piles of useless paperwork, now I have all my essentials filed away, my surfaces dusted, my weird creatures in a row on my shelf, and my pens in a holder as opposed to piled randomly and half-hidden behind my computer or phone. It’s just so pretty!

Just wait until I go back home tonight – It’s going to be like a scene out of The Wizard of Oz:

“Scrub, scrub here! Mop, mop there!
Trying to clear the filth.
That’s how we clean the day away,
In the merry old land of… Omaha?”

Hmmm.. doesn’t quite have the same ring to it..



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