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Deck the Halls. December 30, 2008

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Ohhhhh holidays.

I have to say our Christmas this year was so nice. It was probably the laziest day I’ve had in.. well, I guess only a week or so.

No family plans. The MIL had to work, so after our initial party there last Tuesday, we haven’t gone back over. Although we do have a couple of late stocking stuffers to hand out. Gift cards = LIFESAVING DEVICES.

As for our gifts, Mikey wouldn’t let me actually buy him anything this year (he did you my debit card to pick himself up a shirt and strategy guide for Fallout 3, but that is not the same), so for his gift I let him spend the whole of Christmas day playing video games without me bothering him. Except for lovin’s – A girl’s gotta get a snuggle or two in wherever she can get it. But where I was not allowed to purchase anything for him, he went out and bought me – – – – – DIAMONDS!! Holy cow, I about cried.. I’ve never actually had real diamonds before, and he found me the most perfect ring for Christmas.

<insert photo of bling-bling here… soon>

It’s simple, and beautiful. Which is my perfect ring – anything else, I would lose and/or destroy. So I spent the whole of my Christmas day, lounging around, playing Nintendo DS, and occasionally grabbing Mikey’s attention to say “LOOK WHAT I GOT!!”

Luckily, he was proud of himself, so this behavior did not annoy him to the extent that it normally would.

In Preggo-News:

36 Weeks and 4 days

36 Weeks and 4 days

Alas, I am still pregnant.

However, I went from my just-over-1-cm dilation of last weeks L&D trip to just-over-2-cm as of my Dr. appointment yesterday, with baby significantly dropping down further.

YAY!!! I may soon be rid of the demon spawn that dwells within me after all! And not a moment too soon, I tell you. It feels like she’s trying to push her little fist right out from my girly-parts, leaving me with annoying sharp pains down below and a humorous waddle. I look like an uncomfortable and pissed off duckling wherever I go.

But where on one hand I want her EVICTED, on the other hand I’m terrified – because that means I’ll have to eject her from my body in a heinous and most painful fashion. And then have a CHILD to take care of…


Exciting, but YIKES.


Oh, well.. You know, they created whiskey for a reason. And I have a bottle of Crown Royal stashed away for this exact (upcoming) reason.

Bottoms up!



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