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VICTORY! January 2, 2009

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So despite my natural distaste for all NCAA Football teams that are not University of Michigan, I still found myself screaming at the television yesterday as the Nebraska Cornhuskers pulled off a beautiful win in the Gator Bowl.

I feel like such a traitor.. Because, really. Who wants to be grouped up with this guy?

Go Cornhuskers.

Go Cornhuskers.

 Not I, my friend. Not I.

But I mean, come on. U of M hasn’t been having the best year for football (3-9, I could almost weep). Even my beloved Red Wings aren’t playing like they should (As in, “dude, you guys won the Stanley Cup last year. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Pissing me off, that’s what you’re doing..)


Spent a nice little New Year’s Eve at my in-laws, secretly wishing I could curl up and sleep, but knowing this to be a total impossibility. Small children + noisemakers + 20-some people jammed in a 3-bedroom apartment x (Jonas Brothers + the Ting Tings for New Year’s “Rockin'” Eve) = Pregnant lady with ringing ears, head-splitting migraine, and severe homicidal tendencies.

We left at 12:10 AM. Happily.

And so after hanging out with the Asians for a bit, myself and my equally lazy husband hauled ourselves off to bed at an unprecedented 2 AM. We were partying FOOLS!!

We followed this crazy behaviour with sleeping in all day on New Years. Well, Mikey did. I couldn’t sleep past noon, and thus got up and cleaned. And not just cleaned – PURIFIED. I got out my much-adored spray Comet and wreaked havoc upon all surfaces in our apartment. I scrubbed toilets, and sinks, and floors, and tubs, and baseboards, and even our walls. Which, although you wouldn’t assume walls to get very dirty, keep in mind that my dear husband works as a welder, and thus everything he touches turns to DIRTY!!

I <3 you, Comet.

I ❤ you, Comet.

If it were not for this product, I would go bat-shit crazy. As it is, I just went bat-shit crazy: CLEANING MODE 2.0!

Yay for Nesting. Our home is gonig to be absolutely spotless after I get through with it tonight. I wasn’t able to finish my cracked-out spree yesterday, due to running out of paper towels – so tonight I plan to continue with  a VENGENCE! Aarrrrg!! Cleaning pirate with a mission, that’s me. Which is really hilarious when you see me on the floor trying to clean with a 9-month belly sticking out in front and my bandana and eyepatch on.. very humorous.

Bring me Grog, welding wench, or I’ll make ye clean up yer own filth!



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