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Labor cookies. January 7, 2009

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Okay, that’s it. Enough is enough already.

Tonight, I bake the Labor Cookies.

Walking hasn’t been doing it for me, Mikey is afraid to have any sex for fear he’s poking the baby in the head. And I’m not about to take Castor Oil and end up with mud butt for a whole day. Not my style.

My real motivation for trying so hard, tonight in particular, is that my Daddy is coming to visit this weekend. He wants to be here for the birth, but as he lives back in Michigan, and is still a full-time attorney (despite his 69 years of age!) – so getting time off with court dates is extremely difficult. He and my step-mom will also be coming out in a month anyway once things have relaxed with baba a bit, but I really want him to be here, too. I’m a super-Daddy’s girl, and it would make me retardedly happy for him to be here when she’s born.

So I’m going to make this recipe.

The cookies are basically spicy, spicy ginger snaps (which is great for me, as I love me some ginger snaps!). The whole goal is to eat as many as you can, take a nap, and pray for the best. I mean, eat cookies and sleep?! This is a dream soon-to-come true for me!

Recipe is as follows:



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