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Misery loves Blogging. January 7, 2009

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I know, I know. I’m very whiny.

But come ON!! Early labor blows dogs for quarters…

I’ve been contracting at that constant between 3-10 minutes range for a couple of days now. I cannot sleep. My back aches like a sonofabitch. If I eat more than a 2-year-old, I start to get a little barfy. I’m cranky (although nowhere near as bad as I think I could be). And then I get to spend all day, sitting at a desk, listening to complete morons trying to understand why they haven’t received money. Because your claim got REJECTED. It was DENIED because you don’t know how to do your JOB.

If I answered honestly to half of these people, I would be fired instantly.

Luckily, I am brilliant when it comes to diplomatic answers. I thank my attorney daddy for those skills.

As it is, I just want to be at home right now, curled up with a blankie, maybe sipping hot cocoa or something equally benign. You know – being a general lame-ass.

But at least I am (somewhat) sensible. I realize this early labor bullshit can go on for over a week. Occasionally for about 3 weeks (and may God have mercy on all people around me if this is the case). So I’m still at work, where I plan to be until my water breaks all over my ergonomic chair. As much as I hate to do it, I’m at least attempting to keep things in perspective. It’s the same reason I don’t cry out loud when I get a nasty contraction – I just know it can and will get worse. I realize that I will not be so sensible when I’m dilated to 9cm and trying to push this DEMON SPAWN out from my girly-parts, screaming bloody murder, tearing at my poor husband’s arm, yelling “WHY THE FUCK DID I LET YOU DO THIS TO ME?!! I’LL TEAR IT OFF YOU MYSELF!!!

SO! Until said freak-out, I just vent any and all frustrations on here so that I appear to the world not as the five-headed hell-beast I feel like inside my head, but the pleasant mild-mannered version of a really, really pregnant woman that – hopefully – no one has a secret desire to throw in a trash bin.

I apologize profusely for any suffering I may have caused. As intentional as it may be.



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