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So… Tired… January 8, 2009

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Need… Crack…

Or some reasonable facsimile that will actually make it so I can keep my eyes open for more than 10 minutes at a time.

I went to bed at my usual 10:30 last night, and did not fall asleep till 11:50, and not for lack of want to, either. Then I proceeded to wake up at 12:15. And 2:20. And 3:20. 4:15. 5:30. 6:15. And then the alarm went off at 6:50. I would have given Mikey’s right testicle just to have been able to call in today and sleep. Or attempt to, as it obviously is not working very well for me.

Well, technically, I could have called in. That’s the ultimate benefit of paying into the short-term disability at my work: I can take a sick day, and still get paid my full wages for it. However, this also takes away from the number of days I will be paid at my full-rate while I’m out on maternity leave (the rest of my days will be paid at 60%). So I try and avoid it.

Plus, with Dadd-o coming in tonight, I’d rather save any sick day that I need for tomorrow. Although I’ll probably still hike my ass into work anyway. I feel too guilty, especially knowing that (sooner or later) I’ll be taking those full 6 weeks off to play with the baby. And World of Warcraft.

As it is, every time my damn phone rings in with a new call, I have to struggle to… well, function. I’m so exhausted I can barely do anything. Talking is exceedingly difficult, and please do not even talk to me about handling claim issues. Yes, I know this is my job. But on virtually zero sleep and 9 months of pregnancy, all you fucktards can BLOW ME.

And in case it wasn’t already apparent, it’s also making me ridiculously cranky.



Do not cross me, or I shall spit fire in your face and then fall asleep at your feet.




P.S. Labor Cookies = very tasty ginger snap cookies. Not sure if they’re working, but I’ve been contracting like mad (half the reason I couldn’t sleep was due to that fact). They’re not necessarily stronger contractions, just more regular. I’m hoping that eating the 1 dozen (yes, I ate a dozen cookies) I had this morning, and the numerous cookies I have left, combined with all my walking will convince her that she needs to come out and see her daddy and grandpa. And me, for that matter.

Because all these contractions and sharp, piercing va-jay-jay pains are not helping with my Dragon-Lady status. GET OUTTA MAH BELLEH!!!!!

End rant.



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