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Full moon is on the sky… January 9, 2009

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I should be howling just for writing out that title. Or speaking in a Finnish accent. Whichever.



So myth leads us to believe that a full moon affects.. well, pretty much everything. It explains Mikey’s cranky-ness – as long as you combine it with his nasty sinus infection and general whiny-ness that come along any time my “poor baby” gets sick.

I’m hoping it also explains my SERIOUSLY uncomfortable contractions pains. They’re just like the other ones, but more persistent. I still don’t think they hurt(per se), at least not as much as I think they’re “supposed to”. My tummy is just tightening up waaaaay harder than normal, makes it hard to do physical things. I can talk through pretty much anything though. It’s a talent I possess. So I don’t know if the early labor ones are simply wussy, or I am overestimating the amount of pain I am going to be in. Fuck if I know.

I only know that I feel as if I am going to spew. Everywhere. With a grodie tummy ache (you know, that gurgle-gurgle-plus-ouchie feeling?). And then I want to proceed to pass out. Which, as far as I know, sounds like labor.

But at this point, I want her out of my body so bad, that my brain will think absolutely anything is a sign of imminent labor. That’s why I’m praying for the full moon to work some wolf-ish magic, and I can howl my way over to L&D.



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