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Five days and counting – Here you are January 14, 2009

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Holy Moly, Batman.

For all the bitching I have put forth at the end of this pregnancy, now that I have a set date of arrival, I realize I am not even close to ready.

Because, really, is 9 months enough time to prepare for a lifetime?

No. No it is not.

Background: I went to my Doctor’s appointment on Monday. Made a little bit of progress on all fronts, but nothing extreme. And she informs me that she will be going out of town the day after my due date. “Would you want to do an induction?”

Now, normally, I would be full-on against this. But at the same time, I have not even seen any of the other Dr.’s in that office. I really do not want someone I don’t know sticking their head and hands all up in my hoo-ha. Puh-leeze and no spank-you. And at the same time, I have been progressing “down there” every week. So I’m hoping that will keep the whole drug-induced labor from being too massively destructive to my body – pushing a watermelon-sized being out of my vag, not withstanding.

So I am being induced Monday, January 19th, at 7 AM.

Provided, of course, that now that her eviction notice has been filed, that she does not decided to skip out on me early. Although it is a definite possibility.

With this new Revelation of Oh my Jebus, I’m having a BABY on MONDAY! comes a serious need to do some list-making. As in: What do I still need by Monday that I can purchase without my Mother-in-law getting pissed that I didn’t wait to get from my baby shower – which is scheduled 2 weeks after her arrival?

Sure, I have a crib. But the crib is in the nursery. And I plan on keeping her next to our bed for at least the first month or so. That way when I am woken by screeching FEED ME cries at 2 AM, all I have to do is reach over, and lift her up for a quick snuggle and boobie-time. And then back to her bed. Because I am just not good with stumbling around in the middle of the night, even in our tiny apartment, and I do not like the idea of stumbling around and dropping said baby on her head.

So far, my To-Do list is a s follows:

  • make Mikey paint the nursery.
  • pay outstanding bills (cell phones, check. electric and gas? not yet)
  • organize baby clothes
  • stock up on baby wipes, burp cloths, baby towels
  • buy baskets or dresser for baby clothes storage
  • buy Diaper Genie or something similar
  • buy nursing bras (TMI, I know, and I apologize)
  • wash bed sheets and pillowcases
  • mop kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuum everywhere else
  • organize kitchen

Yeah. In 5 days? This should be fun. Now, if only I could get Mikey to get in on some of this… However, I think the reality of us having this baby won’t actually hit him until she’s starting him in the face. Maybe after.

Hmmmmm… I think I need to get busy.



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