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Returned. March 3, 2009

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Welcome back to the working world? Lame.

I opened my work email to a plethora of just plain crap. 600+ emails about documents that have been updated, and birthdays, and the work place’s Biggest Loser competition. The only real thing that I needed to read were the 20 or so emails involving our change from one information system to another. Which, by the way, is not a fun change to come back to. Re-learning how to navigate a system that’s not anywhere near the same as when I left? Yeah, blows dogs for quarters.

Plus, I’m already greatly missing my Avi-baby-time which has consumed me completely for the past 6 weeks. Although as appreciative as I am about the available time to blog, I still miss snuggles.

She's just so pretty!

She's just so pretty!

But, I mean, come on. Wouldn’t you?

I have literally spent the past six weeks totally enveloped in babydom – blankets, onesies, bottles, the works. I don’t even know if I can function around adults anymore. The closest I’ve gotten to said interactions is baby conversations. As in, “Look at how cute she is!” and endless discussions on how well she is eating and sleeping.

Me-thinks this is not exactly progress.

But at least I’m not using baby-speak. Much.



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