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In the Swing. March 4, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

So back to work.

Aside from the exorbitant number of emails I had to spend 3 hours sifting through yesterday, I find that I’m not as brain-dead as I had first thought.

In fact, I still happen to be the absolute shizz.

This is despite the fact ta ridiculous number of procedure and system changes were implemented while I was frittering away with Avi-Butt. To go a little into detail (but not quite enough information for a breach of Government contract that would subsequently get my ass fired so fast that even the baby’s head would spin), the system we use for viewing Hospital’s claims has been rearranged. As in, claims cannot be found in the logical places they were placed before. The state’s used to be divided into 4 groups, numbered 1 through 4, running East to West, and all of that state’s claims would appear in the appropriate group. Voilá. Clean and simple.

Now, for some unfathomable reason, they have been allocated per Time Zone. Time Zones that are listed out of order. What makes this even more of an scavenger hunt is that numerous state’s belong to several time zones. Indiana has yet to pick one, varying between Eastern and Central depending on it’s mood (and Daylight Savings time, which it blatantly ignores). So many facilities have this humorous issue where half of their claims appear in one section, and the others show up somewhere else. Much frustration is involved.

And where we used to dial into the Tier II line for assistance on calls, now we wave a little Question Mark Sign on a stick.. in the air.. and wait for help to arrive.



S.O.S.! S.O.S.!


There are a few changes that are actually welcome, though. For example, where Providers could call in before and rattle off 3,794,552,425 claims that they need us to look at (because it’s too much effort for them to look on their own flippin’ computers) – now I can tell them, “Screw your lazy ass. I’m only doing 3. Blow me.” And they will blow me, because they have no choice.

Calls are also limited to about 7 minutes now, so woo-hoo! Better productivity, much shorter phone calls.

And, I mean, it’s not all THAT horrible to be back here. I’m having semi-adult conversations, I’m being productive (to a degree.. as I still am sitting on my fat ass), I have Starbucks, and my little ? sign. Heck, today I’m even going out to lunch!

I will get over missing the baby. I will get over missing the baby..

Perhaps if I repeat it often enough, it will at least sink in to the point where I do not tear up at the thought of her sleeping without me there to watch over her.

I’ll just think of the baby poop instead.

Yup. Definitely glad to be back.



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