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Éirinn go brách. March 17, 2009

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Happy Drinking Day, everyone!

This may be my favorite holiday. Whiskey and green beer are the drinks of the day, everyone is “Irish” and happy, and most imprtantly: everything is GREEN!

I love green.

It’s times like this I greatly regret the loss of my lime green and silver sneakers. My heart aches for the shoes that have come and gone – those, and my black and white Rocket Dogs are the foremost images in mind.


Nebraska has finally reached it’s “false spring week”. The one week that firmly convinces you that “Yes! THIS is spring!” – which then promptly drops 4 inches of snow on your ass.

So in order to get maximum use of this week, I have decided it is time to start taking Avi for those stroller walks I mentioned. My fat ass will thank me.

Speaking of my fat ass, I’ve decided to devote a good portion of my internet-boredom time to BodiesInMotivation. I fell in love with creator All&Sundry’s blog though a random link found on cafemom, and since I am in most dire need of some port-pregnancy weight loss, I realized that would be the place for me.

It has great excercise and health tips, written by some very witty and amusing people who all have the (more or less) same goals. They all want to be healthier, more toned, with better self-esteem through Motivation and a strong support base.

As soon as I get my basic motivation to take what I’m learning and applying it to my notoriously lazy would-rather-sit-on-my-ass-with-a-drink-and-a-good-book lifestyle, and turn it into someone active and healthy, who can keep up with a young child AND enjoy a good book, I will be a POWERHOUSE!

……… Eventually.



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