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But I don’t even LIKE soccer! March 19, 2009

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So Mikey and I have finally purchased a vehicle.

But not just any vehicle – a ’95 Mercury Villager MINIVAN!

Oh man.. I feel like I should buy a cardigan and a Blackberry to keep track of ballet/soccer/band practice whatthefuckever. Yuck.

Luckily the van itself is pretty sweet. In the way that the paint isn’t all rusted away, and the seats are clean, it’s largely unbroken, and doesn’t smell like decaying fish. I think we scored big on this one. I fully plan on customizing this van in some way or another – despite what Michael thinks, I will win out. There will either be a hula girl, some kind of bobble head, a new Skin Cancer Steve, fuzzy dice. I don’t know what yet, but it’s going to be AWESOME.

Then I’ll have to think of a name.. Because I really can’t keep referring to it as a car because it’s not – it’s still a van, and I’m not comfortable admitting that I’m 25 and own a minivan, baby on board or no.

Which is only funny, because I would have been perfectly happy with an “old man” car. You know the type. Big as a houseboat, leather seats, radio that hasn’t worked since the Cold War. Love those things – probably because I learned to drive on my dad’s Chrysler LHS. That thing racked up over 260,ooo miles before it’s untimely death, caused by a jackass who decided to pass on a curve, and hit it head on (Don’t worry, my dad was fine. Just pissed about the car).

I want a car like that. As soon as this bad boy is paid off, I’m giving it to Mikey, and buying myself a Grandpa-Mobile.


On a side note: Please remind me how looked-down-upon it is to blow my work computer apart with M-80’s. Remind me, or I may be forced to do it.

You may remember my mentioning that huge systems change-over that happened at my work while I was lounging away in baby-land. Well, aside from bitchy Providers, we haven’t had many issues on our end from it.

Until today.

SOMEBODY in our systems Department, possibly a lot of somebodies, are trying up the host site. Meaning that my system? You know – the one I use for EVERYTHING? Is moving slower than a snail in a coma. It has one antennae twitching, but that’s about it. If anything will cause an anxiety attack, it’s waiting for a screen to load, while on the phone with someone who wants answers NOW, DAMNIT! And they are NOT WAITING and they are  also SICK OF THESE ISSUES.

You and me both, you bitch-ass ‘ho.



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