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Happy Kind-of-Birthday March 20, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in For My Daughter.
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My darling, precious baby girl turned 2 months old yesterday. In celebration, Mama decided to do a mini-baby photo shoot. With my camera phone.

Hey, I just bought a car, do you expect me to shell out for fancy photo equipment as well?! I’m waiting until I can afford the SLR camera I’ve had my eye one, anyway…


A Birthday letter to My Honey Bunny,


Yesterday you turned 2 months old. The time has been flying by so fast – it’s incredible to me. It’s incredible that my little angel is getting so big, and developing such a unique personality.


I love watching you learn. Everything right now is still so new to you: the sights, the sounds, the textures. You finally realized how fun toys can be – although there’s currently only one you care about (“Elephant Buddy”). You love listening to Daddy’s heavy metal music. But only if it has a good melody! You still get cozy and relaxed whenever you hear the music he writes. I can already see a great appreciation of music in you – you even squirm when you hear something off-key.

Baby Metal Head

Baby Metal Head

You’re a very sweet and personable baby. There is not one person that has come by our apartment that you have disliked. You regard everyone with the same intent gaze, and you love Daddy’s friends. Probably because they like to make funny noises with the rolling R’s you enjoy so much! You smile like crazy, and almost laugh. It’s as close as you’ve gotten so far.

Play Time with Papa

Play Time with Papa

You’re a very happy baby. Except for diaper-changing time – you are still NOT a fan, and you will definitely let us (and our neighbors) know it. Bath-time is not too bad, as long as I don’t leave you wet and in the outside air for too long. It will be much better when you can sit there by yourself, I’m sure. You are the most Snuggley little Honey Bunny in the world, and even when I’m dead tired and you wake me up screaming for food or a change, I still enjoy it – because in the end I can bring you back into my arms until we fall asleep together.


I love you, beautiful girl. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you. You have given my life so much more meaning, and I am so much better just for having you. Happy kind-of-birthday, Beautiful.



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