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Playing Hooky. March 23, 2009

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Apparently it is “Time To Play Hooky” week at our house.

Mikey’s feeling a little under the weather, so he and baby are home enjoying the day together. I can bet money that when I get home, the two of them will be snuggled in the computer chair while Mikey plays Warcraft 2. I am beyond jealous – No one likes a Monday morning at the office.

That’s okay though – I get tomorrow off, thanks greatly to my available personal days. I’ve been so exhausted lately that when I found out we needed a babysitter that day, I took the opportunity to stay home and ran with it. I love spending the day at home with my baby. I think that may be why Mondays and I hate each other so much. Monday wants me at work, I want to be snuggling for another day. Eh, not much I can do – I’ll just have to tough it out until I can find a job that allows me to work from hom. Preferrably making cookies.

Mmmmm.. baked goods.

I’ll admit that I can make fantastic-tasting baked goods. However, I have never recieved any praise for presentation. Cinnamon rolls I made last night? Yeah, look like distorted cinnamon-y monster rolls. Taste like Heaven, though. Either way, I highly doubt a catering job would find them.. well, they wouldn’t even qualify under “passable” if you’re taking in appearance.


There goes that dream.



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