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Fevers and Mirrors. March 26, 2009

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I had the world’s shittiest day yesterday. Let me blog you about it.

Let’s start with No Sleep. No sleep due to poor sniffly baby who, once again, is having a plethora of issues in the mucous department. So while I want her to be able to, you know, breathe and all that, it’s been taking a seriously savage toll on my beauty rest – and my not-going-to-try-to-kill-anything rest. So needless to say, yesterday morning began with me being not in my best form.

Well, let’s be honest, I was being a little bitch. Mikey was still in bed, and I was in the kitchen, bitching out loud about never getting any help in the mornings (because it’s not as if it’s hard work, but it’s DAMN hard work on no sleep). And thus began one of our record-breaking fights.

I refuse to go into details, but let’s just say it was not pretty. And now I have to hammer the doorframe back on.

From here, I had to drive Mikey to work. On our negligible amount of gasoline, and then take the baby to our temporary sitter for the day. Apporximately 25 minutes away. And then drive to work. And back to pick up baby. Then take her to her Doctors appointment. Then back to the Sitter. Back to work. Back to pick her up. Then pick up Mikey. finally to home.

I cut out about half of that yesterday, by gonig to the babysitters (my friend Amanda) and just staying there until the baby’s appointment. I could not have funtioned at work yesterday if I had wanted to (and I didn’t.). So I spent some time over there, played with the baby, and her baby, and her 3 year old. We watched some “Twilight” – which, regardless of my opinion of the movie, needs to be finished as I left right before the end – and I left for the doctor.

Another reason it was not such a grand day? Baby’s first shots. No mother can watch her baby get stabbed with needles repeatedly and not want to cry a little. She was so good though. She wailed like a banshee on drugs for a few minutes, and then I fed her and she was fine.

After this, Avi and I proceeded to go home, where I attempted to watch a movie. Instead I took a 4 hour nap with her snuggled in my arms. A much better option, in my opinion. And despite the raging war the had been our morning, Mikey came in after work and laid down with us. It made it much easier to apologize when he was drowsy from waking up and not mad/sad/violent/maudlin enough to smack me for being Super Bitch.

After taking care of the babe for a little while, we sat down together to play some Castle Crashers (if you never have, I suggest purchasing the XBox 360 and buying said arcade game IMMEDIATELY – follow this with Zuma, and no one will see you for weeks). The tension? It was palatable. It definitely took a lot of coercing on my part to ease the situation. Why I was the ONLY ONE trying to make amends, I will never know. But oh well. At least my marriage survived another proverbial nuclear blast.


Today? Today is better.



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