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Things To Do Before I Die – Beginner’s Edition March 27, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Plinky Posts.

I am a girl of simple tastes and means. I aim to be something bigger than I am.

Backpack through Europe
Because, come on. Who doesn’t want this kind of adventure? I want a backpack with 5 outfits, and bathroom essentials, a EuroPass, and enough money to get 1 cheesy, tacky gag gift from each place I visit.

Skydive over Death Valley
I have never been to California, and I think a fantastic way to visit is to simply fall into within it’s border from 10,000 feet in the air. Plus, if I were to die in the attempt, I think this would be a fairly appropriate place to do so.

Be an extra in a James Bond movie
I love Bond. LOVE BOND. I need say no more.

Swim with the Great Whites
Luckily, my husband is 178% intent on this being something we do. As long as I am in a cage, I would love nothing more than to be within inches of a creature as incredible as a Great White shark.

Storm-Chase a Tornado
A ravaging, destructive, massive force of nature needs to be catalogued as such. And I want to do it once, just for myself. Feel the fury bear down on me, and live to tell the tale.



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