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Love.Rant April 6, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.
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Can I rant momentarily?

I’m sure every single person has heard of the Twilight Mania that has swept the nation. Pop culture once again taking over the hearts of all pre-teen and teenage girls across America. Yes, every single girl in the whole world is in love with Edward Cullen.

Wanna be a Vampire, baby?

Wanna be a Vampire, baby?

And, Goddamn I hate to say it: But me too. However, the actor not as much. I mean, yeah, I’ll give him credit: he did a good job (although my favorite part of the movie had to be the score by Carter Burwell). But I’m talking about the BOOKS people.


The books are actually very good. I like the feeling when you read them of being in a world solely created for the reader. You can feel where the author was writing from, and that she was primarily writing this for herself. The main characters draw you in, where you can feel their emotions as if they were your own. Which is truly where I find my love for the books coming from. You feel as if you are Bella, and you’re the one in love for the first time: strange, scary and new; more so because she’s in love with someone so mysterious and different, and yes, scary.

I love a good love story. I’m a true girl in that aspect. But the reason I love love stories is that it renews my own love – it reminds me of first love, and all the reasons you fall in love in the first place, and how important love really is. In Twilight, Bella is in love against insurmountable odds: he’s a vampire, eternal, and she is mortal. The danger itself is enough to make anyone question how much love is worth.

How much is love worth? How much are you willing to sacrifice for love?

My husband doesn’t see these love stories the same way I do. He sees them as gratuitous and lame, sleazy sex-filled pages of.. lameness. But every time I venture into a story like this one, I see him in a new light. It makes me contemplate why I fell in love with him in the first place. The way he drew me in, and made me forget that anyone or anything else even existed. My deep, true feelings of love for him are renewed every time my character expresses her feelings for her knight in shining armor.

I don’t see Edward Cullen when I see Bella’s knight. I see myself, and my baby, my love, the man I would give up anything for.

I hate admitting to being in love with such a pop culture phenomenon – but damn you, Twilight nerds, you were right.



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