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This Is For The Understanding That We Will Never Be Understood April 7, 2009

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That is the last time I write something directly aimed toward my husband. Despite my earnest efforts to explain the POINT of my post, he refused to listen, instead focusing on a completely moot point (“the picture”)

Let me clarify, in the case of anyone else who completely missed the point(s).

“The Picture” is of Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie, okay? With me so far?

The point is that  other people(pre-teens and horny housewives) are in love with “the Picture”. The man-boy that plays this character (key word: CHARACTER), not the Edward Cullen of fiction. I am talking about Edward Cullen the character – “the picture” was to illustrate the POINT that this is what most people care about with Twilight.

Point one, made.

Point Two: I am not talking about myself being “in love” with Edward Cullen, the character. I’m talking about loving vicariously through Bella’s love for Edward (the character).

As in, I read her feelings of love towards him – ergo, I feel lovey-dovey feelings. Lovey-dovey feelings FOR MY HUSBAND. Not the character. Not the man-boy playing the character, either.

Point two, clear? Clear.

I’m not trying to say my love is the same, or the situation is the same, or anything about their love being the same as our love.

The main point I was trying to reach on my last (actual) post, is basically: Love begets love.

The emotions are the same. When this character looks into this character’s eyes, and feels such and such a way, I get drawn in, and I too relate to the emotions through my own experiences.

I don’t know what it feels like to be in love with a Vampire who has pinned me to a tree while telling me he loves me, but he doesn’t deserve me, and I shouldn’t love him. My experience is more akin to being in love with my crazy music-man, who will turn away from me, saying he loves me, but he doesn’t deserve me and I don’t love him. The heart-wrenching emotion is the same.

And when she’s laying in a meadow, talking with him quietly, and admiring everything about him that she loves – that makes me think of laying in a hotel room in Florida, talking with Mikey quietly, and admiring everything I love about him.


It’s not the same, but it’s not different either.




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