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Cutting Edge. April 17, 2009

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The baby has been running a low-grade fever lately. Nothing alarming, just running at about 99 to 99.5 degrees. I wasn’t really too worried until we reached Day 3 of this yesterday, and I received a text from the babysitter about how Avi was very lethargic and cranky, but still only at about 99.3 degrees. So I did what any semi-sensible, semi-worried new mom would do – I set-up a Doctor’s appointment for her on short notice (because Mama didn’t want to be at work anymore, and is not going to look a gift excuse in the mouth).

Leave work, get in van, pick up baby, go home til appointment (pure snuggle time), then make it to the Doctors office a half hour early because, for once, the traffic wasn’t so horrible as to make me want to kill something – preferrably with my bare hands.

The Creator, in all his inifinite fairness, did not make us wait long to be seen.

According to the Doctor, there’s no realy reason for her fever – she just advised me to give her baby Tylenol as needed for the symptoms. Her ears are fine, throat is fine, suction her nose as necessary, and she’s gained a pound and a half in a month.

And she’s cutting her first tooth!

The gods have stopped smiling at us. But have finally revealed why she’s been Miss Cranky McCranky Pants for the past couple of weeks.

I swear, she’s been developing so far ahead of schedule on most things, that I seriously worry about when it will all catch up to her. I mean, she can’t continue to do that forever, right? I don’t think I could keep up. Thne the worried pile in about what developmental milestones she’ll be behind on. And how far behind, because I know this is going to bite me in the ass somehow.


Although with my luck, she’ll just end up being smarter than I am by the age of two, and the gods will smile and laugh at my misfortune.

For now, I shall console myself with her cuteness.

There now, that's much better..

There now, that's much better..



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