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Springy, Sproingy. April 23, 2009

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The End Is Near.

The end of winter, that is. It is such a gorgeous day outside today! The wind is breezy, as opposed to strong enough to stop me dead in my tracks (this actually happened, all of 2 days ago). It’s not raining, the sun is out, the birds are singing. Spring has Sprung.


We wre originally planning on taking Izzy with us to Disney. She was super psyched about the idea.

And then we had her overnight last weekend. And she freaked. FREAKED. OUT. As if it was the first time she had been there. As if we were scary, horrible people as opposed to her REAL FATHER and me. It was one of the worst cases of homesickness I have ever seen. The crying, oh my God, and the whining. Full-blown 5-year-old whining.

Methinks she will not be coming. Which is a total bummer, as I really wanted to see the look on her face when she met Mickey Mouse.


Sleep deprivation is making me a zombie. Tried to say my name when I answered the phone at work, and even I couldn’t tell what I had meant. The baby’s constant babbling is more coherent than my speaking. If I wasn’t still breastfeeding, I would be devising a way to highjack the Rockstar Juiced truck. Mmmmm Guava Rockstars *drools*

I can already feel my mind wandering without caffeine to rein it in.


“I wonder where that fish did go? A fish, a fish, a fishie, ooOOOoohhh!”

Oh yeah. There it goes. Reminds me of the other day, when I got that Tonto song stuck in my head: “Jump on it, jump on it, jump on it” – and proceeded to see Carlton dancing circles in my head. More than like due to it being 3 in the morning, after being awoken for 784 bajillionth time. I laughed. “Dun, dun dun dun, dun dun, JUMP ON IT!”


To add on to the excessive number of random songs and jingles that have been popping into my head latey:  the Inspector Gadget cartoon’s theme song, Goldfish crackers jingle, the Band-Aid jingle, Full House theme song, etc.

What are some of your favorite theme songs and jingles?



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