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If pot is legalized, I expect increases in tax revenue April 24, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Plinky Posts.
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Money, Moneeey! MOOOONEEEYYYYY!!

The amount of extra revenue that would be produced from legalized and taxed marijuana sales would be enough to pull this country out of recession.

You think I’m joking? Let me explain a bit.

A true stoner will, on average, purchase $20 of pot every 2 days or so. That’s $300 a month. (That’s more than half of my rent.) Take 10% for taxes, because the Government can get away with that: $30 a month.

Now the Population of the United States as of July 2008 was 303,824,640 people. At a low estimate of people who currently smoke, and those who would if it were legal, I’d guess 30% of the population (Hey, I told you it was low). That’s 91,147,392 people, times $30 a month = $2,734,421,760.

$2,734,421,760 A MONTH PEOPLE!! Into our dying economy, a total of $32,813,061,120 a year.

Maybe it’s just me, but that amount combined with associated pot-related DUI fines would save the entire country.

It’s just a thought.



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