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Right. April 27, 2009

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We must be doing something right, at least when it comes to Avi. She is just the happiest little thing you have ever laid eyes on, and it doesn’t hurt that she’ll love you as soon as look at you.

Charisma, I think, is the word I’m looking for.



She smiles so much, not really when she hears me (she’s still trying to find me at that point) – but her face lights up in the most brilliant smile when she sees me. There is absolutely NOTHING in the world that makes me happier than to see her so happy. And it’s just so SIMPLE to make her happy right now!

Well, aside from the occasional “HOLY FUCKING CHRIST!! MAMA MY TEETH HURT MAKE IT BETTER NOOOOOOOOOWWW!!! I”M GOING TO DIEEEEE!!!!” wails that intermittantly spring up when I’ve waited too long in between Orajel or baby Tylenol doses. So, yeah. Other than that, we’re fairly peaceful.

Ready for... naptime?

Ready for... naptime?

In absolutely fantastic news, I received an offer in the mail from one of Omaha’s leading photography studios. They’re looking for new faces to use in their advertisements, so Miss Avienda is going to be getting professional shots down – FOR FREE!! Mama Monster is very excited. Especially knowing that it will be so simple to get her to smile for them, now that she’s gotten the hang of the whole thing.

Now, I’m just not sure what to have her wear. I’ll take pictures of the options and post them tomorrow (Her pictures aren’t until Friday).

Until then, here’s Daddy’s baby in one of his favorite black baby t-shirts.

And yes, she did spew ALL over this shirt. Instantly.

And yes, she did spew ALL over this shirt. Instantly.



1. -R- - April 30, 2009

LOVE the Barf Vader shirt!

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