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New Day, Same Stress May 1, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

The situation is not as dire as before, if only in that I am attempting to cease my worrying.

We spent a night home as a family last night, eating Taco/Hut and watching movies, and no one yelled about things being disgustingly dirty, even though they are. And no one whined like a little bitch because they were tired, even though they were. I even heard the phrase, “That’s okay, we’ll clean it tomorrow, when we’re ready for it.” Because it’s gotten so bad that we need to fully prepare ourselves for the domestic onslaught. Really.

He doesn’t quite grasp the whole she-bang going on, but it’s okay. Because at least I got it out there – and that’s the first step. The weight is considerably lighter on my shoulders, and today I can breathe.

So that’s progress!


I almost got into a car wreck yesterday. Bastard car decided they wanted to be in my lane, but lo and behold, apparently did not see me. Me. In the huge, red van. Maybe I could have understood maybe if my van was like silver or champagne or something that blends into buildings… or was small. But oh no. Apparently a big red-as-fuck van is very hard to spot, directly outside your COP CAR WINDOW!!

Fucking cop. You’d think they’d actually have learned how to drive before they were given those fancy-pants cars.


The baby’s pictures have been rescheduled for next Saturday. Which sucks in that I don’t get to do that today, but is absolutely AWESOME in that I STILL get out of work early today, and now have an extra week to try and convince my husband that it makes sense to buy more baby clothes.

It’s for the vacation, honey… Really.

(Which works because, it is true, I probably should pick up at least a couple of nice light-weight outfits. I mean, hell. It’s going to be early summer in the dead center of Florida. Not a comfortable place – meteorologic-ally speaking. Plus she needs an extra bathing suit. No way am I washing the same one every stinking day.)


Swine Flu. Seriously people.

I realize, yes, this is a crappy, horrible version of what is already a crappy. horrible sickness. Have you had the flu recently? Fucking blows dogs for shiny quarters – not pleasant at all.

But this media coverage is driving my batty. There has been one reported case here in Nebraska – only the one. And the stores are already running out of things like facial masks and hand sanitizer.

Which is great, in that people are preparing. But insane because… it’s the flu, people. Just wash your damn hands and keep your sneezing and coughing to yourselves. Common sense, people! It’s the same way you avoid spreading a cold or any other minor illness.

Stop panicking, and handle this like adults. Yes, it could very possibly be very bad in the future. But for now, take your normal precautions, and stop freaking out.

Remember the Bird Flu? As soon as people began being smart about the whole situation, it was under control. Not gone, not eradicated, but under control. With a little concerted effort, I’m sure this is possible with this outbreak as well.

Just keep your heads on people. It’s never as bad as mass hysteria would have you believe.



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