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I KNOW I’m Forgetting Something… May 4, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

I’m preparing to prepare to make our cross country journey to the Disney-fied land of Orlando in 2 weeks (HOLY SHIT! ONLY 2 WEEKS TO GO!), and I swear I am forgetting some serious essentials in my planning. And knowing myself, if I don’t have this figured out completely at least a week ahead of time, I will likely end up in Florida without something – like the baby, or pants.

We’re going to Disney for a few days, the beach for a few, attending a wedding and the bachelor/bachelorette parties (which are to be all day events). Thanks to my girlie-buddies, I have several warm weather outfits, and a dress and shoes outfit for the baby to wear there and at the wedding, so that’s one less purchase I need to make. I’m just so flustered trying to make my “SHIT I STILL NEED TO BUY” list that my brian has turned into styrofoam packing peanuts.

I finally got my budget figured out though! And I’m so nerdy, it spans like, 2 months and it’s color-coded too. Check out my sweet pocket protector! Not really though. I don’t have front pockets to put the protector in.

So aside from things like shampoo, conditioner, clothes, etc.  that we already have – what am I missing from this list that I would need to make a 21-hour drive and over a week long vacation with a 4 month old baby?

*SPF 50 sunscreen
*Bathing suits for Mama, Baby, and Daddy
*Car travel Bottle Warmer
*Beach Towels
*Beach bag (because Mama wants an excuse to buy a new bag)
*Travel cooler (for bottle storage)
*Baby sun hats
*Dress/Shoes for Mama (as all my clothes are stretched to fit my 9-month pregnant body)

I have most other essentials: pack’n’play, stroller, baby carrier, borrowing a large suitcase, etc…

GAH! What am I missing!?!?!



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