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14th Birthdays, and Why I Get To Go Shopping May 5, 2009

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I’m lucky to have some seriously awesome in-laws.  Like the kind that invite us over for my brother-in-law’s 14th birthday party, and instantly offer me Ritz Carlton fruity drink goodness. Which I, of course, accepted.

One does not look a gift drink in the mouth, after all.

It’s always a good time over there. Christian made out like a damn birthday bandit! There were upwards of 20-some people, including a plethora of small children running around my ankles, and one chihuahua wearing a bling’d out collar (but at least she wasn’t wearing clothes this time), along with a full buffet of deliciousness out on the patio/atrium of their fancy-pants apartment.

Have I told you about my mother- and father-in-laws apartment? It’s really more of a condo, with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a huge beautiful kitchen, on the 7th floor of a building looking out over downtown Omaha. It’s probably one of the nicest apartments I have ever encountered – as it should be for $2,700 a month (including covered parking). And Mikey’s mom is a decorating fiend! We have our super-nice furniture because she opts to buy new things every 6 months or so. So woo-hoo! for that. They also have a covered atrium that’s just fantastic, which is where the party was held last night.

I was discussing my list with Joanna last night, and it looks like I’ll be okay on that aspect. There are even a few things I can remove from it, so there’s a tiny little weight taken off my shoulders. Their condo has plenty of beach towels for the few days we’re going to be there, and the pool at our resort also provides them. Plus, because she’d offered to buy the dress for Avi that’s already been taken care of, she’s now offered to pick-up a second bathing suit for her and possibly a couple of sun hats. So that’s 3 things checked off my list already!

I’m just excited to go shopping for the rest – I need an opportunity to spoil myself, just a little. Especially when it comes to clothes, because.. ugh, this story still pisses me off.

Anyway. Our old (crappy, dilapidated, disgusting hovel of an) apartment had a storage room, right across the hall from our door. In the midst of a serious early-pregnancy cleaning spree, I threw approximately 75% of our clothes into this storage room to clean at a later time. And I forgot about them, for quite a little while. When I went back in a month or so later to do my serious laundry overhaul, they were gone. All of them. There was nothing left in my storage unit at all. All mine and Mikey’s shirts, pants, hoodies, socks, even a few choice pairs of shoes and our storage bins – all gone. So the small remaining number of clothes that I have have gone through my WHOLE pregnancy with me. Meaning they stretched to fit my 9-month pregnant belly. Meaning they do not fit right any more.

Meaning I need to go shopping.

As if this upsets me.



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