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Post-Mother’s Day Apocolypse May 12, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

My first Mother’s Day. How was it?

Definitely could have been better. I had angel child for her babysitter all last week, and even for Kyleen on Saturday night (who had never watched her before – said Avi was a perfect angel). Yes, yes, she was even wonderful, happy, cooperative baby for her photo session on Saturday – which went great by the way, pictures soon to come.

Yesterday? Must have been the backed-up crankiness, because Holy Christ, she was howling all day. She was hungry, and I wasn’t fast enough. Her teeth hurt, and I took too long to put baby Novacaine on them. She was gassy, and I didn’t magically make it go away. I couldn’t even sleep in. Or nap. Or get the single present I asked for (on Mother’s Day, I have a plan for an iPod Touch for myself after our vacation is over).

And what was this massive, ridiculous thing I wanted to my Mother’s Day? I wanted Mikey to clean for me. That’s all. One day where I do not have to clean, but will have a nice, sparkly apartment at the end of the day anyway. Oh, no no no – this cannot happen.

I did not clean yesterday, but now that’s it’s no longer Mother’s Day, I think Mikey thinks he’s off the hook. So yay me, I get to go home and scrub and organize and pick-up things. All night. Because it’s horrible – just terribly grodie in there, and I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to go away for a week on vacation and come home to a dirty house.


So not only do I need to locate a suitcase I can borrow, pack, nad purchase the last few necessities, while still balancing our budget so we have enough money to actually enjoy ourselves – but I have to clean. CLEEEEAAAAAANNNN!!!


Spray Comet, where did you go, you wonderful invention, you? I am in need of your assistance!



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