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Soon. May 13, 2009

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“Soon” – as in, soon I shall be sipping margaritas on a beach, basking in sunlight, half-napping all day, with my baby on my chest.

Which is a grand site better than today. Where I nearly fell asleep at the wheel of our van, while dropping my baby off for the day, in nasty rainy weather, before going into work for the day.

Oh, I am so ready for this.

Well, no. Sorry. That’s a complete lie. I am nowhere near “ready” for this trip. I don’t even have a suitcase yet (let alone a packed one) – which is technically not my worry, as it’s Mikey’s job to locate the suitcase in question. So, yeah. Not my worry now, but it will be by tomorrow.

Luckily I have all night today and tomorrow to gather & purchase things, and first thing Friday morning. Plan so far is for me to leave work Friday, pick up Mikey, then the baby, then start driving.

Shit. Did I mention that I forgot to book a hotel room for Friday night? Yeah, probably because I only just remembered that part RIGHT NOW.


It’s okay, it’s okay. I got this shizz all sorts of covered. So today, I pay off all bills that will be due from today until we get back – including car payment, insurance, cell phones. Okay. Then place all remaining money back into the bank. Run to Target – procure essentials, such as diapers and a bottle warmer that plugs into our car’s cigarette lighter thingie. Head to hospital to see Izzy’s new sister*. Send Mikey to find aforementioned suitcase. Begin packing said suitcase. Somehow manage to pick up husband & baby, and secure dinner somewhere in the middle of all this.

Tomorrow we will re-assess. Depending on where I give up on this plan tonight.


*Izzy Monster’s mom, Ashley, had her baby last night!! Little Alleyna Lynn, born May 12th, at 11:12 PM. Weighing in at 9lbs 6oz, and 21 inches long! For all the issues that naturally come with a baby mama/new wife situation, we get along surprisingly well (now). And I’m super geeked to go see her little girl! Plus, we get to see Izz and she gets to see Avi, and it’s pretty much a good time all around.

Even though she doesn’t read this: Ashley, congratulations! You’ve been blessed with a beautiful daughter, and now a second little angel. I’m so happy for you and your family, and I send you my best wishes and all my hopes for your future.



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