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Really, Karma? May 15, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.
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I mean, seriously.

Karma just prematurely bit me in the ass.

I say “prematurely” because I haven’t done anything (lately) to cause this bad juju to fall upon my head. And yet..

As I was driving this morning to drop off Mikey and the baby, I hit a pothole. Normally? Not a problem. But today it pitched my van into the side of a cobblestone curb, effectively tearing a chunk out of my tire.

Beautiful – what a way to start the day.

So I call my insurance company – the one where Mikey had talked me out of getting the Roadside Assistance? Yeah, those guys. Well, they were very helpful, sent out a local repair service, all the good stuff – I have no complaints with my insurance. All I had to do was pay the repair service out of pocket. Of course, this would have to occur the day before we leave on vacation.

Only I had to wait an hour and a half for them to get to us, only to watch the repair guy put my own donut on the car. Are you serious, dude? The only reason I wanted you help was so that I could get a NEW tire for our 22 hour drive we’re making tomorrow. If I just wanted to get out of there, I could have helped Mikey put the fucking donut on by ourselves!

So after waiting 2 hours for him to finish up and take my money (without giving me a new tire), I still had to run Mikey to work and the baby down to her sitter. This places me at my work a full 2 hours after my start time. Luckily, my boss is the shit – as in she realizes that there are some things that are out of our control. Such as blown tires and sick babies.

I just hate the fact that I unnecessarily spent $45 right before my trip, and that I still have to fork over more money in order to get the actual new tire that still I need, which then severely cuts into our vacation budget.

Le. Sigh.


In awesome news, I got to see the baby’s photos today!! Since Mikey was late going into work, he was unable to take off to come with me. So I went with The Asian instead. Never a bad choice – considering she loves the little chunk-a-munk and has great artistic appreciation (very useful when trying to pick out 8 photographs from 40).

I kinda over-ordered. Well, not really. It’s a fairly small package (2 8x10s, 2 5x7s, 12 wallets, and a frame with 4 square pictures, plus 2 free thingies). Only it’s running my ass more than a grand. At which point I thank God that my daddy spoils me, and will assist payment in exchange for photos.

I’m only hoping Mikey’s family will do the same




1. deathinfrance - May 15, 2009

Well I can’t give you any advice on Karma, the idiosyncrasies of fate have always baffled me.
But I can say a thing or two about husbands, we’re only good at talking smart women into doing foolish things. Which is probably why the Mrs. & I have four computers between the two of us?

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