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Vacation’s all I ever wanted May 16, 2009

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Name that tune!

But seriously, people. For those few of you who take the time to cruise by here, and read, and laugh, and get a little angry at stupid people with me, and comment, and stalk and don’t comment – I shall be missing you! In T-minus 21 minutes my ass finally gets to leave work. Which means in approximately one hour?


Have I mentioned how much I love road trips? LOVE. THEM.

I have manyfavorites. The time I moved in my little Beemer from my brother’s place in Detroit all the way out to Cheyenne, WY. Once when my cousin, Courtney, myself, and our friend (at the time) Jess took off for a weekend and cruised through Canada from Detroit (again) to Rochester, NY to watch our friend’s band place (and visit The Beer Store). Or when I faked a family funeral to go to New Jersey for a weekend from my dad’s house in southern Michigan. Even going to and from St. Pete and Omaha is a blast for me.

I’m not sure what it is. We don’t pull a Family Truckster Vacation type of deal, where we stop at crazy landmarks (although we TOTALLY should). I just enjoy highway driving. Cruising along at decently high speeds. Driving through forests, and prairies, and mountains, and coastal areas. I love the scenery blurring past for hours on end.


There’s such an unexpected sense of peace with the cruise control on.




I’ll see you soon, I promise. However, if there is no access for me (or time, rather, because I’m positive there will be Internet), I shall see you in 2 weeks!



1. kirida - May 16, 2009

I also love roadtrips. I’ve been meaning to do a blogpost on this subject and this just reminded me to do it.

I hope you enjoy your vacay 🙂

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