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Poor thing. June 1, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.
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No, not poor me. Although my severe lack of sleep over the weekend would suggest otherwise.

But in truth, it is: Poor Baby.

Yes, the Poor Baby is sick. It’s like the worst combination of icky cold, fever, and freakin’ conjunctivitis ever. Well, so far, anyway. Starting out on Saturday we had Mildly Cranky Baby. Which, by nightfall, had quickly escalated to Ragingly Cranky Baby, with snot pouring down her face, coughing, puffy red irritated eyes, a barely-there appetite (unheard of for her), and a fever of 101. No amount of baby Tylenol was knocking her out, nosiree. She would sleep, but only at 30 minute intervals, separated by horrendous “I FEEL TERRIBLE!!!” baby screams. You know the kind – where no amount of consoling or food or Tylenol or other kinds of food will fix.

And I just felt so helpless. This is my Poor Baby, and I can’t make it better. Not even a little bit. The Tylenol would bring her fever down a few degrees, but it flew right back up around the 4 hour mark. I’d clean the gunk out of her eyes, only to see them caked within minutes. And she just looked miserable. Still the Happy Baby, where she smiles at us, but so weakly that it made me want to cry.

Of course, being that it’s the weekend, the pediatrician’s office was closed. Thank GOD, however, that they have a 24 hour nurse hotline. They told me it sounded like either bad allergies or viral pink-eye (shudder). They also referred us to the Pediatric Express urgent care center over at Bergan Mercy Hospital (where I, coincidentally, popped her out).

After the usual weight and measurement (My baby’s up to 13 lbs!), the Dr. came in and checked all her vitals. Conclusion? Freakin’ viral Conjuntivitis, goddamn Pink Eye. How the hell did she get pink eye?! Her babysitter and all three of her boys are without pinkeye. Mikey and I are without pinkeye. All the other family members and people she’s been around this past week are without pinkeye. W.T.F?!?!

So now, we had been given the All Powerful Eye Drops. I see a very vague improvement, so I’m hoping it will clear everything up. Until then, Poor Baby thinks I’m trying to kill her by prying her eyes open, and sticking this liquid in there that FREAKIN’ HURTS, MAMA!! And then stuffing her full of Tylenol for that damn fever, and wiping her sore nose, and MY GOD, WOMAN! Are you DONE YET?!

Praying that this is over soon. PRAYING, do you hear me?! My heart is breaking into little pieces over my Poor Baby, and I can’t TAKE THIS!


End. Rant.


Oh, BTW, Happy Monday everyone!



1. Natalie - June 2, 2009

Hay, I love you. I hope Avi starts to feel better Julie 🙂

2. mamaberg - June 20, 2009

I know, it’s terrible when baby is sick! I hope your little one is going better soon.

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