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Improvement. June 3, 2009

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Thank you, tiny infant Baby Jesus, for the invention of eyedrops.

Despite the obvious and horrendous crying that ensues when I have to pry open her teeny tiny baby eyelids in order to give her the drops, I’m all in favor of them. Within 1 day, I already saw inprovement. Unfortunately for her, I have to keep giving them to her for the next 6 days as well, to make sure everything is gone.

But she’s better! She’s not as fussy, not as feverish, and gaining her appetite back (sort of – now instead of half of her usual intake, we’re seeing almost 2/3’s consumption! woo-hoo!)!

I can’t tell you how relieved this makes me. Now I know for sure what the problem is, I can be proactive, I can FIX IT.

Again, WOO-HOO!

Other than that? Pretty much absolutely nothing going on. Nada. Zip, and Zilch. Waiting on the baby pictures is probably the most exciting thing I have going.

Yay for waiting!

Oh! And they’re starting to announce the dates for American Idol auditions!! Watch this space for further information on Mikey’s rise to POWER!! Or at least further television fame. Pop Idol status, and all that jazz.




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