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..When You Can Be NEW June 4, 2009

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Watch this space: This evening I’m throwing up some new goodness. Sadly, not now, if only because I don’t have access to Photoshop and whatnot on my work computer.

Mikey was featured on Omaha’s STAR 104.5 radio station this morning for an interview and a vocal rendition of Daughtry’s “Home.” , where I am able to stream live radio broadcasts, as of right now I can’t find the clip of him singing. Needless to say: Awe-some. As usual. I am not surprised.

The audition dates for Chicago have been announced, and Mikey will be attending them on June 22nd – ie. like, 2 weeks from now. So keep an eye/ear out!


Baby News:

My babysitter’s dog. It hates me. HATES. ME. Which is horrible! I love animals, I love dogs, I love dogs that are overprotective of children – Wyatt is one of those dogs. But Wyatt also thinks Avi belongs to Vicki, because, understandably, that is the only person he sees her with. So Wyatt does not like me.

He growls, he barks, and today he attempted to eat my forehead. He didn’t bite down, but his open jaws smashed on the top of my head and the bridge of my nose. I wasn’t scared, probably due to never having a dog try to bite me before. But DAMN that hurt! Bones cracking on your head are never comfortable, believe you me, and this was no exception. The only reason I’m not worried about leaving the baby there is that the second I picked her up, and he saw that she was fine and happy, Wyatt calmed right down. So… WTF?!


See this? This is MINE!!

See this? This is MINE!!

I should be glad the dog is so overprotective of the baby, but really, dude? Come on, now. Babies only need to be protected from their mothers when their mothers are crack friends, sleazy whores, psychopathis, or otherwise incapable of remembering to feed or take care of a child.

Can you tell I’m a bit sensitive about her? Obsessive, maybe? It’s okay. I just keep telling myself it’s because she’s my first. Really, though? It’s because she’s awesome.

And in honor of her awesomeness, I have my wonderfully talented and artistic cousin Danielle Colbeck designing my NEW tattoo for her. Avi has a strawberry hemangioma on her tummy shaped just like a strawberry. So I am getting a strawberry on a vine, covering up my boobie tattoo, and stretching up to my left shoulder.

Location and the Tattoo I am covering:

Once upon a time, I had a friend with a matching tattoo.

Once upon a time, I had a friend with a matching tattoo.

Early design stages of my new Tattoo:



 Which means it will look a teensy bit like this:

Super Sweet!

Super Sweet!

Yeah, she is pretty much the shit. I love this design, because it is EXACTLY the type of thing I was envisioning for this. I am super geeked to see how she’s going to tweak it past this point!

Over and out.



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