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Temporary. June 5, 2009

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Header = Temporary. I did not use as much time on photoshop as I really wanted for this, due mainly to the fact that I ACTUALLY went out last night! Well, around the block to my friend’s house to play Mario Party on the Wii. BUT! It was without the baby!!

Never happens. I mean, sometimes I have the opportunity. But it’s rare, and then something else goes wrong, blah blah. But last night it worked out!

But yeah. So. I had limited time to work on it. I’ll keep you posted on my advances.


In super-ass-retarded-mothing-fucking-pissed-OFF news,

I’m mad at my Landlady. I knew I would not have enough money in my account this morning for my rent payment to be automatically taken out. So I called her, and left her a message about it. Twice. Left my number, told her to call if there were any issues. I received no call. And then today?

Today I went to get gas. On my bank card. Turns out? $460 in the hole. Because that rent payment WAS TAKEN OUT ANYWAY.

and it only gets worse, because I call my Landlady back, and leave a message. Again. But this time, she actually bothers to call me back.

“Oh sure, we’ll get that reversed. I’m not sure if you’ll have to come in and pay check, or if we would withdraw again. But I’ll check with Finanace and let you know.”

Great! Problem solved! HUZZAH!!

Except not.

“Sorry, I checked with Finance, and once that goes out, we can’t bring it back. It may be returned for insufficient funds though!”

Okay, lady? NOT GOOD. This means you are going to TRY to to make me pay a late charge, and pay for the overdraft and returned check-type fees to my bank because YOU fucked up.

I. Think. Not.

The benefits of having an attorney for a father? If necessary, I can have him call people to argue for me.

They will pay those fees, oh yes. They will pay those God Forsaken, Mother Fucking, Ruin My Every Waking Moment fees. And in the meantime? I am flat-ass broke with all my non-monies tied up in this, and still have no gasoline to go pick my baby up after work.

Happy Friday.
I truly hope your morning is going better than mine. Your odds are good!



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