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Super Sweet. June 9, 2009

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That describes my new header: “Super Sweet.” Because it is, because I am awesome. When in reality, it is because I was bored, and like to play with Photoshop. But, oh well. I still like it.


I’ve determined that Allergy Season pretty much wants me to die. I can’t roll down the windows in my car (let alone spendtime *gasp!* outside of the house!) without my head getting a feeling comparable to having my sinuses filled with rubber cement and my head encased in pink insulation. Ohhhh, how I abhor Allergy Season.

It wouldn’t be so bad if this were attributed to, say, a cold. Cold’s will eventually go away. This is my own personally nightmare – a stuffy head/nose/throat/ears that no medication seems to relieve.

I’ve tried your Claritin, you Zyrtec, Sudafed, Benadryl, and every version of allergy medication that my local Walgreens has had to offer in the past 25 years – and all to no avail.

I was doing great with my allergies this year, too! I was so happy, I’d barely had a sniffle all spring. And then we decided, “Hey! Let’s turn off the A/C to save money, and open up ALL of our windows!”

At which point, I now will shoot my retrospective self . Dammit. Every since then, I’ve been walking in a cloud of “Mrphhhffffph mmmnbbbbpffhhh” – as that is more or less the way everything sounds right now. Muffled – totally muffed.

I am open to any and all suggestions for ways to alleviate my discomfort! The more the merrier, as I’m pretty sure I passed on my horrible inability-to-breathe-any-time-between-March-and-November on to the Littlest Monster, and will definitely need to remedy her in the upcoming years as well.


Not all news is bad news. Some news is Karaoke and American Idol related!

American Idol finally announced that the audition dates for Chicago will by on Monday, June 22nd. That would be in 2 weeks, just so you know. Sadly, I will definitely not have enough vacation time accumulated to go along (to which I say: DAMN YOU, PAST ILLNESS THAT TOOK AWAY ALL MY PERSONAL DAYS!). It’s okay – I’ll just wait to go to Hollywood, anyway.

But Joanna has gone a little bonkers in preparation for the event. Can’t say I’m arguing with her on it, because it IS a really big deal, and it is ridiculously awesome, and it results in things like great big family karaoke parties. Which I love.

Only I didn’t sing. I tried to blame it on my scratchy I’ve-been-coughing-for-two-weeks-straight voice. But I just hate going head-to-head with him in anything.

Because the little bastard ALWAYS wins or shows me up horribly. ALWAYS. Please believe my complete lackof exaggeration. This is also the reason why I do not play against him in video games. Or play guitar around him. Workout. Run. Lift heavy objects. I pretty much am only better than him at cooking and cleaning. (Yay, sexism – You ring true again!)

He was incredible, though. He had random people in the building seeking him out, just so they could listen. The security guard came by about 5 times, and only the 5th one was a request for the music to be not as loud. He blew everyone away, which made it fun as hell for everyone else to be as goofy as they wanted to be, and occasionally hilaaaaariously off-key as well.

And me? I had a freakin’ blast.

It’s time’s like this where I thank GOD that my in-laws are so Super Sweet.



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