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Denied. June 13, 2009

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My boys lost today.

Sure, the Penguins played a damn-fine helluva game today. But I mean… really? You so were not supposed to win that. These are my mutha-effin’ RED WINGS we are talking about here! As the Red Wings (as opposed to the Detroit Cougars 1926-1930, or the Detroit Falcons 1930-1932) have been around for 77 years now, holding: 11 Stanley Cup wins, 6 President’s trophies, Most goals in a season, Most points in a season, Most shut-outs in a season, 35 players into the Hall of Fame, and countless trophies and awards for it’s incredible players.

Although I suppose we owe it to them, for pounding their asses flat as a pancake for the Cup last year.


You win some, you lose some. I never claimed I had to be happy about it. (Boo on you, Pittsburgh Penguins – a place where there are no penguins, you liars.)


Momversation.com Have I talked about this before?

I love hearing people’s opinion’s, on any and all topics. This is not to say that I agree with them all, but I enjoy hearing another person’s side of things. My husband believes this falls under his statement that I’m “not enough of a bitch”, but I like to think of it as “giving a shit”. How will you learn, if not from gathering an informed opinion?

This Momversation has to deal with being a working Mom, a topic I am gaining plenty of experience in.

Go Here. Now, I Say!

I’ve worked on and off ever since I left home at 18 to go off into the world. I worked as a hostess at LoneStar, a hotel clerk, I made ice cream, waitressed, bar tended. And now I’m working in a customer service call center. For anyone who’s ever done these jobs, despite their apparent simplicity, the day-to-day of even waitressing can kill your spirit, and drain your patience.

Now add in a bouncing bundle of baby-love.

Do not get me wrong, as you should have guessed, I adore my daughter. ADORE HER. She may be my favorite thing in the world (but don’t tell my husband), but it’s not easy. Mikey is easily distracted, and so I’ve taken to being her primary caregiver. This is not to say, in any way, that he is not an adequate parent. I just usually get to it first, and I handle the brunt of it in that way. I spend two hours in the car each day to take her to and from the sitter each day, I take her to her Doctor appointments, I give her near all of her feedings, near all of her diaper changes. When she’s crying, I’m the one who comforts her. I play with her, and love her, and generally act like I’m a single parent around her. (Hey, I never claimed that I was without faults either.) But I stress myself out over it all – constantly.

And I stress about work. Really? I pretty much stress out about everything, in general. I do all of our budgeting around the house, I pay the bills, I do the greater portion of the cleaning (when I get around to it), I cook, I do laundry. I am Super Mama.

I swear to you, it will probably kill me.

Would I change any of it? Possibly, but not all of it. A healthy amount of stress and worrying is not going to hurt, really. And if I get it done, and faster, I feel the need to be the one handling it. It seems to be my natural inclination to say, “Don’t worry, don’t bother. I’ve already got it.” Because I usually do.

I’d say that was due to my inherent awesomeness, but I think it’s actually more due to control issues. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll get it under control someday. Maybe. When I get around to it. I’m just too busy right now.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a weeks’ worth of cleaning to tackle.



1. kirida - June 14, 2009

I don’t watch hockey. Does that make me a bad person?

Also, I totally hear you on the working mom dilemma. I usually have about a week’s worth of dishes waiting for me on Friday night.

2. troubleinstereo - June 15, 2009

Oh, if it were only a weeks’ worth – Luckily, I did manage to get it all done, at least. Next I have to tackle the laundry!

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