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Luvs 2 Cook. June 16, 2009

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I have $80 at my disposal, to last us until Friday. Now, as much as I love to have me some Dollar Menu (thank you, McDonald’s), my hips are not so loving.

To be honest, the sight of my hips has started to alternately depress and then piss me off. But that’s a whole other story.

ANYWAY! I have grand plans to stock kitchen up with multiple use goodies, and take the time to cook our meals this week. This has several benefits:

1- My ass will not be deep fried for a week.

2- I’ll be forced to keep my kitchen clean.

3- I’ll get to spend time ALL BY MYSELF!! Until Mikey butts in and tries to take over my projects.

NO, MIKEY! That is a BAD, BAD MIKEY!! Sorry. It’s a monster pet peeve of mine to have someone take over from me when I’m working on something. It’s different if I am asking for help, but if someone just butts in and takes over, it pisses me off. As I said before, I have control issues.

This applies heavily to cooking. This, I can say with absolute certainty, was picked up from my dad. A man who used to routinely kick me out of his kitchen. All I wanted was to help with pancakes!! But I was frequently denied access. I should pretend like that made me mad, but really, I was just happy my dad was making the food. Then it is a guarantee that my stomach would protrude a full foot out from my rib cage. The man is good.

Not gonna lie? My dad = one of the best cooks ever. I think the only reason I enjoy cooking good food, is because he brought me a love of eating good food.

Hence, my hips.

So, for this week, I dragged my fat ass over to The Pioneer Woman Cooks for some down home recipes. Have you ever been there? She can take a picture of a slab of meat that will have you drooling for daaaaaaays just thinking of all the possibilities.

But I’m kinda broke, and needed a place to start.

Here’s my list, and I will let you know how they all turn out:

1- Twice Baked Potatoes (Colbeck Family version)
2- Beef Brisket (PW)
3- Fresh Corn Casserole (PW)
4- Cowboy Nachos (PW, made with leftover Brisket)
5- Baked Acorn Squash (PW, but a favorite I remember from my childhood)
6- Spicy Shrimp (PW)
7- Colbeck Best Sandwiches (my personal mix-n-match best’wich – This is all in my imagination so far, but in my head, it looks DELICIOUS!)

How about you? What are your favorite things to make? Favorite foods from your childhood? Best cheap dishes (that don’t fall under the category of Kraft Mac’n’Cheese or Ramen)?



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