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Appreciation. June 20, 2009

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I don’t show my appreciation of my family enough.  It’s just easier to focus on the bad things, because they stand out far more strongly in the mind than the everyday things that make me so happy.

As it is, today I am not happy. That is why I’m making this post: To remind myself why I should be.

#1: Happy Baby

#1: Happy Baby

I was blessed with this smiley little monster.

Goofy Girl!

Goofy Girl!

She can make my entire day, just by being herself. Always smiling, and cooing, and now she rolls over, and reaches for things. When she smiles at me and reaches to touch my face, I flat-out melt. MELT! Into a giant puddle of Mama-mush. Every single time. She’s turning into such a fun little thing, despite her ear infection she recently picked up. I’m scared of the day when she’s big enough to move away from me, because I’m not ready to let her go.

She’s just so happy. Nothing makes me happier than other people’s happiness.

#2: The Husband

#2: The Husband

This one.”

That is what went through my head when I first met him. I didn’t know it then, but it was one of the best split-second decisions I have ever made.

He's pretty goofy, too

He's pretty goofy, too

He is underappreciated by me. This is another of my flaws.

Also very sexy. Hands off. This one is mine.

Also very sexy. Hands off. This one is mine.

He does a million and a half things better than me, and better than most other people I know as well. (It bruises my ego, daily) But that’s only because he’s incredible. And I am not. He is talented, and I am not. He deserves a million little praises a day, but I’m humiliated by being around him, if only because I’m myself.

Baby, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I let my bruised ego keep me from treating you like the man you are, with the respect and adoration you deserve. I would never have married anyone else, and despite any of the fights we’ve ever had, I would do it all over again… Just to be with you.

You are my man, and I will get better at this.

I promise.



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