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Little Somethings. July 1, 2009

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Sorry I haven’t been around lately. Between everything going on, and the cracking down on computer usage at my work, it’s been a struggle to sneak in time to do this. Here goes:

**Mikey’s Great-Grandma Waugh passed away last week, at 87 years old. An incredible woman, I really feel lucky to have known her, if only for a few short years. She left an amazing legacy behind, including 7 children, 23 grandchildren, 45 great-grandchildren, and 6 great-great grandchildren – including Avi and Izzy Monsters. We were lucky enough to have 5 generational photos of her with each of the girls (and Mikey, his Dad, his Grandma, and Grandma Waugh).

5 Generations (picture of a picture)

5 Generations (picture of a picture)

She will be greatly missed.

**We also lost Mikey’s great-uncle Frank the next day. He’s been living with a brain tumor, and it was finally his time to go. About a year and a half ago, they had told him he only had 2 months. And that man stretched 2 months into about 18 months. He was a fighter, that one.

**I’ve discover proof about who really wears the pants in our marriage (figuratively speaking, as I assume we are both still wearing pants right now – unless Mikey changed into a skirt – at which point we have an entirely different problem on our hands). After Grandma Waugh’s funeral, Mikey didn’t really want to go home. So he let me change out of my impossibly awesome, yet only vaguely painful high heels, and off we went to the mall. Wherein we proceeded to buy a Strawberry themed outfit for the baby. Then I purchased an MP3 player (read: Electronics device). And Mikey purchased sunglasses, earrings, and smelly things from Bath & Body Works (read: Girlie Things). So add this excursion on top of the fact that I take a very literal 10 minutes in the morning for clothes/hair/make-up to his 30 for clothes and hair – and who comes out the winner?! I do, that’s who. Now, go get me a drink, woman!

**Electronics! Yes, I managed to find an awesome 2GB MP3 player from Sears for $25. This increases my awesomeness factor. My babysitter’s awesomeness factor is greatly increased by not only buying excessively cute hair bows for the baby (pictures to come), but for giving me her old digicam now that her hubby bought a new one. So yay! The picture quality around here is going to improve EXPONENTIALLY now that I don’t have to use my camera phone all the freakin’ time. Score!

**Still waiting on American Idol news. The agreement is that apparently no one can talk about any of it until (at the very least) every one of the auditions is over. So the Idol Watch is going to be very quiet around here for a while. But that’s okay! Because Mikey’s still been recording vocals and fun-ness for other purposes, and I can still ho’ him out on here anyway. WIN!

**In completely unexciting news, I have now changed my lunch-time at my work. I only mention it, because it changed today – and I fully forsee hilariousness ensuing regarding my lack of rememberance for it. Should be interesting – maybe – no, probably not.


That’s really about it for now. Probably a good thing I saved all of this awesomeness for one post. If I had spread them out, that would have been…… probably not a very good experience for anyone, really. Good thing I think ahead like that. Go me.



1. cherokeebydesign - July 1, 2009

5 generations, WOW.

I have an old photo with 7 generations in it, my oldest brother is in it.

Since my mom crossed last week the family is down to 3 generations.


Julie Momster - July 1, 2009

I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I can relate to your loss.

But 7 generations!! That’s just incredible! To even have one would be quite a sight

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