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Down and Up. July 10, 2009

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Blasted wireless modems.

Ours hasn’t been reading lately – leaving us with pretty much no connectivity.

Whereas for somepeople, this would result in mass freak-outs*, it only pisses me off because: WHAT THE CRAP?!! I have a NEW camera, with a BUTT TON of pictures, and I can’t UPLOAD THEM?!?!?!!!!11!!!1!!

So there’s a bit of frustration. Rest assured, I will assail you with mass amounts of Avi Monster goodness, just as soon as I am at a locale where I can get to them. I’m thinking the Baby Sitter’s Computer, as I can’t upload outside information onto my work computer – HIPPA Privacy laws and all that; can’t be taking home people’s Social Security numbers and whatnot. Regardless of the fact that after my own mini-fiasco, I have absolutely no deisre to steal someone else’s information.

Oh Jebus – what else is going on….. Honestly? Kind of a lot.

This upcoming weekend involves preparation with my sis-in-law Erica and my bro-in-law Alex’s girlfriend Rachel for my soon-to-be-sis-in-law Keli’s bridal shower. (Confusing, I know. I didn’t enjoy typing it out much either.) So there will be shopping, and cute things, and I’ll have to pick out an adorable little boy outfit, because at some point on Saturday I have aspirations to see my very pregnant friend Kyleen. Hopefully this will be before she pops. Saturday is also her due date, and they’re inducing her on Sunday. Also, my old co-worker wants to hang out and play with me (psh, not THAT way, you freakin’ pervs!) and the baby on Sunday.

So that’s this upcoming weekend.

Then the following weekend is the Bridal Shower itself. Weekend off. Then August 7th/8th, I have 3 of my 4 brothers and a niece and nephew popping out here to visit. The 9th/10th my high school buddy Bethany is breezing through on her move out to Denver. The follwing weekend is my bro-in-law Richard/Richie/Chino’s wedding, adn the following weekend is FREE! Because Mikey’s going out of town, and I get a BREAK!!

Sheesh… I just exhausted myself.

I’m thinking the next post will picture updates only. Yeah. Definitely photos only.



*In regards to previous posts “freak out”, I contacted the company. They are refunding all money to my account, although they are cutting a check for it that I won’t receive for 30 freakin’ business days. But at least they are amending the situation. And it probably doesn’t hurt that I threatened with legal action, either. Go me.



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