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Promise! July 23, 2009

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I have a my-baby-just-turned-6-months-old-and-OH-MY-GOD -where-did-the-time-go? post almost ready to go, but I refuse to post it until I’m able to get my photos uploaded. Which is proving to be far more of a hassle than I would have anticipated, due to funky-ass Internet connection, and the fact that I cannot hook a USB port into my work computer.

But I WILL do it! I Promise! Luckily, it won’t be that late, either. She did only turn over to 6months on last Sunday. I’m halfway to raving about it now, but I’ll wait until I can make it worthwhile.


In other news, I hate “ergonomics”. I think it’s bullshit. Why? Because it’s not helping – as a matter of fact, my entire work environment is causing me great pains. From my back, to my hips, and most recent/most painful: my wrist. There is no amount of ergonomic systems or materials available here to prevent this kind of pain.

Oh, holy holy holy, if you have never had what is either carpal tunnel or tendinitis pain in your wrist, you are a blessed soul indeed. It is excruciating. Especially when you’re main task at work is to navigate with a mouse, and use the 10-key number pad, and the pain is emanating from your right wrist. It’s only bearable now, because it is numb, and the only current pain is screeching through my forearm, as opposed to my wrist joint and hand as it usually is.

Pretty much? It makes me want to scream, kill myself, and maim my own person all at the same time.

A healthy dose of ice, Xanax, and wine seem to be the best home remedy. Because, as a home-licensed Google Doctor, I totally know these things. It’s just fact. Same way that you can’t get pregnant on the first try – true story!



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