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Mamapologies. August 5, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

I realize I rarely post about things that aren’t related to my daughter. Mamapologies for that. But prettym uch ever since I have the little runt, it’s about all that my life revolves around.

So! Here are a few things going on that have NOTHING TO DO with my pudgy, little, smooshy, cutie pie… Oops.

+ I have family coming to visit this week!! WOO! Three out of 4 brothers, a nephew, and a niece/goddaughter! Possibly even a Daddy. (Note to self: Contact Father figure to assess as to whether he is joining roadtripping Colbeck crew) That’s what I like to refer to as “effin’ AWESOME”. I’m super geeked!

+ I have officially been employed at my job for one whole year as of today! This means I get FMLA, and a total of 60 days at a time of salary continuation for any illnesses. Which means the next time I have a baby (baby talk! oops! Mamapologies!), I get a ridiculous amount of time off to get used to 2 demon children.

+ Also am GREATLY loving the new camera I keep talking about! I’m trying different techniques (which is a blast-y when you’re using a plain digital point and shoot – you had to try a lot harder), but I think it’s coming along nicely.

Pine Tree Bokeh - Not too shabby?

Pine Tree Bokeh - Not too shabby?



That’s really all I’ve got – non-baby related. Yeah. I know. It’s bad…..






"Is Avi Monster gonna hafta smack a 'ho?!"

"Is Avi Monster gonna hafta smack a 'ho?!"



1. natatatat - August 7, 2009

I love this lady! The pictures are great!

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