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Ch-Ch-Check It Out. August 10, 2009

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New Header! Check it out, bizznatches!

Also, hilarious thing to check out: my 14 year old Brother-in-law Chris and his crazy-crazy youtube videos. Search for user name BrisBrockerBetch (Don’t worry, I don’t think any of us understand the name, just go watch!)


So we had a fan-effin’-tastic weekend over here! My brothers Kevin and Craig, along with Kevin’s kids Max (age 17) and Natalie (age 14) came down for Thursday and Friday. Used a vacation day for Friday, and we all traipsed off to the zoo (which will be it’s own post, as it was the Avi Monster’s first trip there – and she was even awake for most of it!). Then I got to watch Max destroy Mikey in some Guitar Hero, while Natalie and I played with the baby, and my brother’s went to a Royals baseball game. It was pretty much awesome, and I LOVED getting to see them! It had been way, way, way too long… Trust me, more to come in the Zoo Episode.

Also – Got to see my high school friend Bethany and her mom Jane last night. Bethany is making a move out to Denver from our hometown in MI, so she stopped by to do some catching up along her way. We went to my favorite Omaha restaurant (the Dundee Dell = heavenly pub food), and had to try to keep my baby safe from baby-snatching waitresses! Not really, but they did offer to carry her around for a while… which was strange.

All in all, it was a pretty damn good time.



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