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In my dreams. August 14, 2009

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I have a dream. A dream involving American Idol.

A dream that does not involve, in any way whatsoever, myself performing on American Idol. Mikey can. Why is this my dream?

Is it because I want to be married to someone famous? Hell no, then he has even MORE groupies that myself and my fat chin have to fight off. Is it because I want my husband to be successful? Well, yeah, but he’s doing a darn good job right now, just doing what he’s doing. Is it because I think he’s immensely talented, and deserves to blow all those little punks out of the water? Well, he is, and kind of.

Really, though? I want money for a house.

Just a house. Although preferably “just a house” with a monster kitchen, whirlpool tub, and full basement for Mikey to play in.

I just dream of a place we call our own. A place where our families will come to gather for parties, holidays, whenever. A place where I can relax, with a little space just for me – a little space just for Avi and her future siblings – and a big space for Mikey. I want a yard for barbecue-ing in, and sunbathing, and putting up a kiddie pool. I want a front porch where I can hang a swing, and a tree where I can hang a hammock. I want a place for my books, for Mikey’s guitars, for bake-ware and cookware and silverware. I want a bathroom that I can sprawl out in with bubbles and candles and wine, a bathtub for playtime with my children, and closet space for a million fluffy towels.

I want a house that I can make a home.

And this was when I realized that I have grown up.




Now I’m going to finish reading my Harry Potter book.



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