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Excitemente’ August 21, 2009

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So much has been going on lately, Jebus!

The baby talks. And crawls. And the delay in noting these facts is directly correlated to chasing her around, and answering her screeching cries for “ma-MAAAAA!!”Which was so cute, until she figured out how to abuse me with it. Ohhhh, you crafty lil’ devil, you! It took her all of a day to realize that saying “Mama” meant Mama will pay attention to her. Or if Mama can’t be there instantly, she can now crawl off to go chew on the Xbox controller, or remote control, or turn on/off the computer and television, or get halfway under the couch, and OHMYGOD-IS THIS WHAT IT’S GOING TO BE LIKE?!?!

Yes. Yes it is.

Mama just needs to be more prepared, that’s all. And to procure another eye in the back of my head for those numerous times she wounded-soldier crawls over and tries to eat the vertical blinds.

(P.S.? I still totally love it.)

In other news, my weekend is PACKED! Starting out tonight with a family fajita night over at Erica’s. I need to gather my ingredients for this incredible addicting I-wouldn’t-even-care-if-it-went-directly-to-my-butt salsa recipe, by The Pioneer Woman. I love Ree. I want to pop up a tent, and live in Ree’s kitchen forever. Me and the babe can take up a cupboard and eat scraps, and Mikey can camp outdoors and go load up the horses at 4 AM. She’s that fantastic that I would do that – I only hope I get to meet her someday.

But I’m digressing – sorry, but it’s a habit…

So fajita night. Where I should get to see the Izzy Monster, and Jo Jo, and all the people I love of my in-laws (is there one of them that I don’t? No? Hmm – maybe just a selection of the ones I love then).

Then on Saturday, Mikey’s band is playing the annual Dimebag Darrel Memorial show. I’m sooooo geeked to hear them play “Cemetery Gates”, that it’s not even funny anymore. Plus, Sufi Paul from Boston is coming in! Which is awesome, because he’s coming out to help us celebrate Mikey’s birthday. And I’m getting a babysitter. Which means PAR-TAAAAAAAY!!

Although, in all honesty, I’ll probably just end up slightly tipsy for 2 hours, then 3 hours sober, and then drive everyone home in the Van-O-War. That is how my partying usually happens. But baby-free! I CAN HAVE A DRINK! Maybe even twoooooo drinks. Oh, “the podibibities are emmis.”


Quick Rant Time:

Screw you, health care. I realize that I am very lucky to be covered by a good insurance policy.

So why is it, that when I go to the Doctor for a very legitimate reason, such as oh, say, Carpal Tunnel? I can’t even get them to do a diagnostic test on me?

I did not tell them “I have Carpal Tunnel.” Because I’ve never been formally diagnosed at any time for it, and I’m not a Doctor myself. However, I do know that most of my hand is numb. It also pops whenever I move it, and it hurts. Seriously hurts, as in a bone-deep ache from the middle of my hand to halfway up my forearm.

And what do they do? “Yup, it’s carpal tunnel. Stretch this way once with you hands. Yup. Here’s a brace. See you in a few weeks.”


Is it so bad to just want some form of comprehensive test done? I want them to accurately assess what’s wrong, and how bad it is, and then plot a course of action related to those results – that’s what I’m paying for. This brace that they gave me? The one that makes me look like I’m part-robot (no matter how cool THAT is)?It has taken away approximately 20% of the numbness, but has added 40% in aching pain – because now I can feel the damage.

I don’t know if they think I’m too young to have symptoms that warrant testing, or if they think I’m just there for pills, but I don’t feel that I’m getting the care I need. I don’t want pills – I haven’t even gotten my ‘script for the Ibuprofen 800’s filled yet.

I don’t like that it hurts to drive, or to  use my computer at work, or to hold my daughter.

I just want it fixed.


Sorry. Guess that wasn’t too quick. Oh well, I feel a little better now….



1. thebrokins - August 25, 2009

If you figure out how to grow that extra eye… I want instructions- my little monster child is everywhere!

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