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Get Your Kicks. September 2, 2009

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I’ve been on a massive cooking spree lately. My current goal is to try out a new recipe (or two) every single day this week, ending on Labor Day. Mainly because there is no excuse not to make food on Labor Day – that’s partially the reason why it’s a holiday anyway: one last cook-out for the season! Although my recipe choice for said celebration is still undecided, I’m looking forward to it anyway….

So far I have made:

SUNDAY: Grilled Sandwiches – ham and roast beef, with cheddar and Provolone cheese, grilled with onion, green pepper, tomato and jalepeños. This = perfect early dinner sandwich!

MONDAY: Baked Molasses Chicken, on a grilled hoagie with bacon, cheddar cheese, light on the mayo and Dijon mustard. Followed with Pioneer Woman’s apple dumplings for dessert. [[By day two, I can already feel my butt expanding, but OMG it is soooooooo worth it…]]

Plans for TUESDAY: classic Biscuits and Gravy! I love this dish, but I’ve never tried to make it before. I’m going to see what little tweaks I can give it to make it “my own”.


I also had a request from my sister-in-law to make her a batch of Sweet Corn and Avocado salsa, minus the avocado. Now my only debate is what to substitute for it, and if I’m subbing in something else, what else should I change to fix the blend?

I’m thinking sweet corn, cilantro, red onions, jalepeños, red bell peppers & green bell peppers, along with the standards of salt, sugar, lime juice, and vinegar. Hmmm……. looks like I get to cruise the product aisle tomorrow!



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